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Vehicle load rate measurement

    Through the vehicle-mounted intelligent terminal equipped with LiDAR, different vehicle compartments can be scanned in all dimensions, and combined with the volume algorithm and big data, the 3D model of the compartment can be obtained, and the loading rate of the compartment can be accurately calculated.

Maximize the loading rate and optimize the transportation capacity

    The application of LiDAR sensing technology and AI algorithm can scan the goods in the carriage with high precision and generate 3D images in real time, automatically calculate the volume and proportion of the carriage. In addition, the system can effectively supervise the unreasonable loading situation, so as to maximize the utilization of compartment space, ensure the full load rate of vehicles and optimize the capacity of the fleet. 

Intelligent Control

    The loading process is effectively supervised by the system. Data such as cargo size and position, loading behavior and loading efficiency are transmitted in real time by the device, and the volume change curve and 3D view are generated. Managers can check directly through computers or mobile phones. With the addition of many functions such as loading rate, cargo volume, loading time, and cargo placement, the actual loading situation can be fed back in time, and the loading quality and efficiency can be effectively controlled.

Warehouse Volume Measurement System

    The intelligent terminal equipped with 3d LiDAR  scans the warehouse in all directions, obtains the point cloud data in real time, and combines the AI algorithm to fit the point cloud into a grid-like surface, which can accurately measure and provide high-precision and high-reliability material volume data, thus digitizing the materials inventory.

Automatic inventory, real-time grasp of inventory

    In the past, the inventory of warehouses was all done manually, because the traditional manual measurement was inefficient and high deviation, the valid warehouse data could not be obtained easily. The measuring accuracy of SMiTSense Warehouse Volume Measuring system reaches centimeter level, with high volume accuracy, and the deviation of volume measurement is controlled within 1.5%.

Intelligent Management System

    With self-developed intelligent software, it can quickly calculate the three-dimensional data in the warehouse and generate three-dimensional graphics in real time, which makes it more intuitive and effective to view and record the inventory. The measurement cycle can be set automatically, and the volume data can be recorded regularly.

Accurate measurement of dry bulk volume

    It is difficult to measure dry bulk cargo because of its large volume and irregular shape. The SMiTSense  Warehouse Volume Measurement System can automatically scans the warehouse and calculate the material volume accurately, it is quiet efficient for the warehouse management, especially for the dry bulk warehouse.

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