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    2D LiDAR sensor, based on the DTOF (Direct Time-of-flight) ranging principle, is suitable for performing detection and ranging tasks on surfaces. Its sampling rate is as high as 60,000 points per second, with fine angular resolution for high measurement point density. The 01A LiDAR is a wide working range, high precision and low cost model, it can be easily integrated in service robots, providing real-time navigation, intelligent obstacle avoidance, autonomous walking etc.

  • Wide working range up to 50m, and fine angular resolution

  • Detectable as close as zero

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility certificated

  • Over the Air upgrade

  • Cost-effective

  • Widely used in server robots and various other industry scenarios


Vehicle Load Rate Measurement

    With LiDAR sensor, the cabin is irradiated with 904nm invisible light. By sensing the spatial position and depth information in the compartment, the used volume of the cargo can be measured in real time. No matter how the goods are placed in the compartment, the actual volume of the compartment can be accurately scanned and calculated. And, each loading and unloading of the goods will be recorded to form a volume change curve. Digitize the status of each vehicle, provide GPS and loading rate etc, to provide effective, accurate and real-time support for vehicle scheduling and transportation optimization.


Warehouse Volume Measurement

    Based on 3D LiDAR sensor and excellent algorithms, real-time and accurate volume measurement is implemented for grain, coal, urea, chrome ore and other dry bulk goods in the warehouse. It can work well in harsh environments such as low temperature, high temperature, dust, etc.. Fully automatic volume and weight (according to density conversion) inventory of irregularly stacked items.


3D LiDAR Scanner

    3D measurement through 360°x270° rotating scanning with the range up to 50 meters. The equipment integrates laser scanning and GNSS etc., can easily and efficiently complete 3D scanning with one-key operation. It is especially suitable for 3D application scenarios which need high precision, high time efficiency and low cost solutions, such as house facade measurement, accident scene exploration, calculation of pile volume, interior decoration, drawing of horizontal and vertical sections, digital park and other fields.

  • Large Space Digital Mapping

  • Digitization of stock

  • Building renovation

  • Smart City


3D Cameras

    Well-designed, the product has the characteristics of VGA resolution, high reliability, and large working range, ensuring high-quality products to serve industries such as robotics, industrial automation, smart logistics, and behavior monitoring.

    Product advantages :

  • Detection distance up to 10 meters

  • Long distance, large field of view, high precision

  • High accuracy can reach 5‰


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