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    AS01, a 3D LiDAR, is based on the SPAD technology, which have excellent characteristics such as high sensitivity, human eye safety, low power consumption and small size. These advantages enable AS01 to play a huge role in active and passive focal plane detectors and other fields. With AS01, fast auto focusing of the cameras and projectors can be easily achieved, the user experience can be improved significantly.



    AS01, with up to 1200 measurement points per frame at a distance of 15m, can be used easily for camera focusing. Compared with the phase follow focus technology, the camera system using AS01 can focus much more quicker without damaging the image quality, especially in low light environment.


Automatically track objects

    AS01 provides the camera with the function of automatic objects tracking. Based on the distance data provided by the AS01, the selected object can be automatically identified and tracked, which makes the picture smoother and improves the visual experience.


Accurately capture and identify the motion trajectory

    Combined with the algorithm ability of application level, it can accurately capture and identify objects or human motion tracks within the detection range, and implement the functions of background blur and focusing for scenes such as taking pictures and recording videos.


High reliability

    AS01 has the characteristics of resisting external light interference, high precision, low power consumption and long life time. Its anti-light ability is no less than 100klux, which is suitable for all kinds of outdoor use cases. The excellent design makes it show excellent space detection ability both indoors and outdoors. It can easily deal with transparent objects, complex surfaces with low reflection, white boards with high reflection, right-angled surfaces and other complex environments.


Small size

    AS01 designed without mechanical devices, which not only has high reliability and stability, but also is very compact, with the minimum size of 15*9mm, which is very suitable for integration into various devices.


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