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RGB-D Device

    Based on the 3D LiDAR and AI camera, the device can provide excellent RGBD images, this can improve the accuracy of objects recognition. Also the position, speed and direction of the objects move can be obtained accurately, it can be used widely for various environments.
    Automotive grade
    FOV: 120°x25°
    Enclosure rating:IP65

Self Developed Algorithm

    SMiTSense RGB-D solution is based on RGB-D device and NVIDIA computing platform, with rich self-developed algorithms. It can be accompanied with different sensors and computing units to enhance the intelligence of various industries. 
    Ground inspection
    Drivable area detection
    Violation detection
    Obstacle detection and classification
    Dynamic object tracking

Traffic monitor

    The RGBD device can work well in all-weather conditions and long-distance property can count the traffic volume, monitor and track the movement behavior of vehicles. At the same time, the detection range is extended from tens of meters to hundreds of meters, which provides great support to the fine management such as traffic congestion and pedestrian crossing warning.


    SMiTSense has developed a better automatic driving assistance solution based on the RGBD device. This solution uses RGBD data for navigation and driving assistance, which can better identify road conditions and be more adaptable to various complex environments.

Illegal construction surveying and mapping

    The RGBD device can combined with UAV to scan cities and buildings at high altitudes, the data will be stored and analyzed, the result will be used for urban illegal construction inspections, the data also can bu used for 3D mapping of the city.


Intelligent construction site

    Based on the market demand, SMITSense has launched a "Intelligent construction site" solution to the market to help construction companies strengthen construction site safety management and reduce the frequency of accidents. The solution has AI recognition, intuitive supervision and management, and efficient data storage and analysis capabilities. Features include:
    Vehicle management
    Worker behavior analysis
    Material placement management
    Project progress management
    Red zone warning


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