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Flexible Force Sensors and Solutions

Flexible Force Sensors

    According to the requirements of different scenarios, SS-FPS series flexible force sensors are developed and designed based on carbon nanomaterials, which have the characteristics of high sensitivity, high flexibility, low power consumption, compactness and thinness, and can easily adapt to the complex structures of various types of products with plane or curved surfaces.

Highly customized

    It can be highly customized according to the different needs of customers, including sensor shape, sensor force range etc.. SMiTSense is committed to the research of intelligent sensing products and solutions. 


Application-robot electronic skin

    An ultra-sensitive artificial flexible force-sensitive electronic skin, can transform robots with some human sensory properties.


Application-service robot tray detection

    It can be used on each trays in service robots, industrial robots and other cases to implement quick detection if there is any object on the tray, it is a quite efficient and low cost solution.


More application fields

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