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Head-mounted pressure mapping measurement system

    The head-mounted pressure mapping measurement system is mainly used to measure and analyze the pressure mapping of head-mounted products such as VR equipment, helmets and hats, improve and optimize the wearing experience of products, collect pressure data for the head modeling etc.


High precision thin film sensor

    The flexible and ultra-thin film sensor is adopted, the thickness of the sensor is less than 0.1mm, and five independent sensors work in parallel, covering the main areas (forehead, cheek, nose bridge, ear and back of head) of P95 three-dimensional head mold. The ultra-thin flexible design is suitable for the precise fitting measurement of curved surface. At the same time, the sensing point density of the sensor is higher than 10p/cm², the total number of points is more than 6,000, and the measuring range covers 0-10PSI (about 70Kpa). The measuring sensitivity of the sensor is ±0.1Kpa and the total measuring deviation is less than 5%.


Dedicated collector

    The dedicated collector adopts the technical framework of SMiTSense G-PMS3.0 system, is a data acquisition device specially for multi-area pressure data acquisition and processing in parallel. The external interface adopts USB wired and WIFI wireless transmission as the data transmission, and the rechargeable large-capacity battery ensures that it can be used for more than 8 hours. Portable design with shoulder straps.


Dedicated balance calibration equipment

    A special 10PSI high-precision pressure calibration equipment is designed, with a deviation less than 0.1kpa, which ensures the factory balance calibration of the thin film sensor and achieves the accurate measurement of pressure mapping. The equipment also supports the calibration function in the field environment.


Rich software analysis function

Pressure dot matrix, 2D and 3D stereoscopic color scale images, pressure mapping of contact surfaces, pressure mapping images, heat map;
Real-time pressure mapping data automatic analysis, recording and storage, the software can import the recorded file to reproduce the whole test process; 
Three-dimensional head model display.

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