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   SMIT Group Limited (“SMIT Group”) is a semiconductor holding company originated in 1993. Its business mainly covers development and production for design and application of security chip , products and solutions of Intelligent sensing and the third generation semiconductor product etc.   

   As the first semiconductor design enterprise in Shenzhen, SMIT Group successively undertook and completed the national IC projects 908 and 909. We mainly focus on the security chip and its application, within this field SMIT Group incubated a number of excellent enterprises, some of which have been listed on A-share market. SMIT Group is the wholly-owned subsidiary of SMIT Holdings Limited which listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2016 (Stock Code: 02239). SMIT Group is a key software enterprise and a national high-tech enterprise within the national planning, we won many awards such as the Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, the 10-Year Achievement Award of National High-Tech Industrialization, and 2017 Shenzhen IC Design Enterprises Sales Top 10 etc.

   As a leading CAM manufacturer, SMIT has its own in-house R&D development team and insists on self-designed security chipsets and products to meet the increasing security and function demands of pay-TV operators worldwide.  The CAM  product has been involved in DVB industry for decades. Currently SMiT has been serving different customers in 46 countries and is the market leader occupying major market share. SMiT is always a reliable partner on both technology and customer service perspectives, having obtained all the major CAS licenses requiring high security thresholds  in the market. As a DVB and CI Plus LLP member, SMIT actively participates in industry standards stipulation and organization management, and maintains sound cooperation with top CA providers worldwide.

   SMIT Group established Shenzhen Guowei Sensing Technology Co., LTD., which has focused on providing intelligent sensing products and solutions. Guowei Sensing gathers professionals in materials science, dynamics, optics, electronics, computer science, embedded technology, artificial intelligence and other fields, focusing on the layout of lidar, flexible pressure sensors and other types of intelligent sensing products, and constantly combines new technologies with market applications to explore electronic skin, AGV/AMR, service robot, intelligent transportation, intelligent logistics, volume measurement, safety detection and other fields, the products have been recognized and used by many enterprises. 

   SMIT Group has been continuously constructing multi-dimension layout in the field of semiconductor since its inception. In 2018, SMIT Group started to develop EDA whole process design tools and undertook the national major science and technology project " Development and Application of Full Process EDA System for Chip Design” from 2018 to 2020, and passed the project acceptance successfully. With the completion of the development of a number of EDA core tools, SMIT not only breaks through the bottleneck of domestic EDA whole process tools exploitation, but also lays good foundation for the completion of the digital chip design of the whole process tools. At present, many high-tech companies includingShenzhen SMIT GWX Technology Co., Ltd.—— a leading EDA tool company for back-end designing and manufacturing in China, S2C Limited——a leading global supplier of front-end FPGA prototyping solutions for today's innovative SoC and ASIC designs, and Shenzhen Giga Design Automation Co., Ltd which engages in the R&D of EDA back-end design software., are all invested and incubated by SMIT Group and assisted in the development for the whole process of digital chip design.

   SMIT Group will keep integrated circuit as the core business, take security and application as the grip to diversify its business, promote the development of domestic integrated circuit industry and improve the supply chain, make Intelligent life more convenient and information interaction more secure.

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