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Battery Pressure Measurement System

    Customized solutions for different battery detection scenarios are provided, and the SMiTSense high-precision pressure sensor is used to measure the real-time pressure mapping of the battery. Which can be used for:
    Monitoring and pre-judgment of battery critical short circuit
    Battery expansion detection
    Big data statistical analysis of battery life
    Prevention of battery burning

Measurement of expansion force mapping on battery surface

    By measuring and analyzing the pressure mapping during the charge and discharge process, the changes in expansion force on the battery surface can be effectively tracked and monitored.


Smart Battery Cell

    According to the internal structure of the battery cell, an embedded battery cell sensor is designed, which can completely adapt to cover the internal structure of the battery cell. The sensor is light and thin, and can withstand the complex environment of electrolyte for a long time. It is completely integrated into the monitoring module of the intelligent battery cell, which can accurately measure the change of internal expansion force and provide real-time monitoring data for the safety monitoring and management of the battery cell.


Pressure mapping measurement of battery forming machine


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