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A new breakthrough in CI PLUS business, HD 3D all-in-one engine

release time:10-07-2020 Article Source:Guowei Group

"On April 16, Oriental Cable Network Co., Ltd. (commonly known as "Oriental Cable" and domestic well-known color TV manufacturers Hisense, CAM supplier China Micro Technology, officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement, through the strategic alliance of terminal manufacturers faster and better The development of digital TV business, and the cooperative card-separated viewing mode will also bring new digital TV experience to Shanghai consumers.

As the largest and the only city cable operator that has successfully launched CI PLUS, Dongfang Cable has always led the role of the wind vane in the national Huimin policy such as digital TV rectification and triple-network integration pilot. The digital TV development model promoted this time. From the dual perspectives of technology and service to guide consumers, accept digital TV, cultivate their consumption habits, develop their consumption potential, and let them enjoy digital TV life more freely and autonomously.

Industry insiders commented that this move not only opened up new navigation channels for the popularization of digital TV, but also contributed to the upgrading and development of the entire digital TV industry chain, and created favorable conditions for the use of innovative products by Shanghai people, bringing real benefits. CI PLUS opens up new channel for digital TV development

As early as 2006, the separation standard for machine cards has been promulgated and implemented, and has been adopted by many large regional cable operators in China. The all-in-one machine that conforms to this standard has become another weapon for operators to develop digital TV after the set-top box. Within the new network access or second end users widely recognized, sales of 1.65 million units in 2010, sales in 2011 exceeded 3 million units, of which the market share of Hisense terminals is as high as 60%.

CI PLUS is a further enhancement of the existing card separation standard (CI1.0), which overcomes the weakness of content protection in pay TV by adding functions to each digital TV viewing terminal (all-in-one and CAM). Copy protection services to avoid interception, illegal copying, and reallocation to ensure end-to-end security transmission. The enhanced graphical interface function significantly enhances the user experience, facilitating the user to navigate through the menus; supporting the IP connection of the CAM using the all-in-one, for VoD backhaul channels in cable TV, CAM registration or any need for a return channel Two-way business. For example, in areas where pay TV service providers support the CI Plus specification, users can have a digital TV all-in-one compatible with the CI Plus specification, and with different types of CAMs, you can order anywhere without geographical restrictions. Pay TV shows.

In fact, as early as August 2009, Dutch cable operator Ziggo successfully launched CI PLUS, becoming the first in the world. At the end of the year, KDG/KBW, Germany's largest and fourth largest cable operator, has been commercialized. At present, Guowei Technology has provided customized CI PLUS CAM products to more than 20 cable TV operators around the world, and has completed integration with CI Plus standards of world-renowned CAS vendors (Conax, Irdeto, NDS, Viaccess, etc.). Work, to achieve a comprehensive coverage of CAM product types, and National Micro Technology will continue to adhere to the high standards required by CI PLUS co-founders and CAS partners to jointly study the next generation of advanced security standards and enrich the user experience. product. Huimin measures are not small, and the convenience of one machine is more convenient.

It can be said that in addition to the "TV + set-top box" mode, all Shanghai TV users in the city can choose to use the all-in-one to watch real HD 3D digital TV programs.

The reporter specially visited the store. The 3D high-definition integrated machine displayed at the Hisense conference was fully marketed in Shanghai. The “infinite stereo, signal lossless, integrated design, one remote control” and other promotional points are particularly eye-catching, and “full digital” audio and video processing. How to achieve 3D, high-definition sound and loss lossless transmission, and whether the viewing mode of the size card really does not need to external signal processing equipment such as set-top boxes, etc., has become the focus of consumers to determine the purchase intention.

The development of the digital TV industry is a systematic project. Only enterprises in all links of the industrial chain will strengthen communication and exchanges with an open and positive attitude, and carry out multi-angle, multi-faceted and multi-faceted cooperation and collaboration to build a "win-win" interest. The sharing mechanism can promote the continuous enrichment and improvement of the digital TV industry chain. If it is limited to a way to coexist in a multi-competitive form in Shanghai, it will inevitably affect consumers' enthusiasm and enthusiasm for digital TV life, which will hinder the popularity of digital TV. In other words, digital TV needs to accelerate its popularity, and it will be more effective to go hand in hand in both ways.

About Oriental Cable

The predecessor of Oriental Cable Network Co., Ltd. (formerly Shanghai Cable Network Co., Ltd.) was the Shanghai Cable TV Network Department. It was established at the end of 1998. It is the pace of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government to speed up the development of information technology in Shanghai. Power is formed in a joint-stock manner. It is a full-service operator that integrates cable TV, home broadband, interactive TV, and enterprise data.

About SMIT--Guowei Technology Co., Ltd.

National Micro Technology is a secure platform product provider for the distribution and transmission of digital entertainment content.

The company's core mission is "to make content transmission more secure and to make TV entertainment more concise." Through chip design, software development and system integration, the company continues to provide a wide range of security products to the pay-to-play digital TV industry, and works with an increasing number of world-class participants to build a secure service platform while maintaining technology and cost leadership.

The company is headquartered in Shenzhen and has branches in the United States, Germany, Hong Kong and Beijing. "

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