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The second generation of DVB-CI standards will be released, and the new DVB-CI (DVB-CI-Plus) will use the USB bus interf

release time:10-07-2020 Article Source:Guowei Group

The ETSI organization published "TS 103 605 V1.1.1" describing the second generation DVB CI standard.


The new DVB-CI uses a removable CAM (Conditional Access) module to obtain the correct authorization, descramble the protected content, and send it back to the host device via the USB interface. However, the first generation of DVB-CI uses the form of a PC card slot.

The first generation of the DVB-CI standard was released in 1997. Now, the second generation upgrade to USB mode, adapting to the latest TV product interface requirements, will give CAM technology a new capability, CAM is easier to integrate, and the cost is lower.

As most TV products support USB, the cost of using DVB-CI Plus will be primarily related to software integration.

In addition, DVB-CI-Plus adds features that are encrypted by CAM to meet new needs.

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