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Flexible Forse Sensor

  • Adaptive to many applications and complex stucture design;

  • Features include high sensitivity, strong flexibility, low power consumption, small size, etc.

  • Highly customizable by client’s demand in sensor shape, dynamic range, minimum response level, etc.


Pressure Measurement System

    Extremely high resolution and sensitivity pressure distribution measurement Advanced data analysis Highly customizable with client’s application demand in automobile, consumer electronics, health, manufactoring, etc.

    Product Advantage

  • Intergrated product design

  • High accuracy with small deviation

  • Advanced calibration process

  • Various data analysis in software


Plantar Pressure System

  • Embedded high performance MCU with up to 12996 sensing points within 350*350mm area;

  • Developed analysis algorithm for 4096-level pressure sensing in 16 points/cm2 density;

  • GAIT health analysis: real-time plantar data collection, data analysis of pressure center, time and angle, and highly capable of reporting body balance and foot symptoms.


Wireless Pressure Measurement System

  • Advanced 3D grip sensing technology with intellectual property

  • Based on force sensing resistor

  • High resolution and sensitivity

  • Advanced data analysis

  • Seamlessly adaptive to application scenario with no impact on user operations

  • Product Advantage

  • High frequency data collection

  • Multi-dimensions

  • Precise calibration


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