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SMIT Congratulates its Important Partner Ziggo on Winning the Cable Europe Innovation Award

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SMIT Congratulates its Important Partner Ziggo on Winning the Cable Europe Innovation Award

HONG KONG, April 2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- SMIT, a global provider of techniques for safe distribution of paid content, congratulates its important partner Ziggo, the largest CABLE operator in the Netherlands, on wining the CABLE Europe Innovation Award due to CI+ 1.3 VOD CAM (Video-on-Demand Conditional Access Module). "SMIT is very happy to work with Ziggo to offer CI Plus 1.3 VOD CAM, and we are so proud the product is associated with Ziggo’s success," said Hongyu Shuai, the president of SMIT.

Cable Europe is the trade association representing the European cable industry, and the Cable Europe Innovation Award is to encourage the companies and individuals who help cable innovate and stay ahead of the customer. According to the previous news released by Cable Europe, The award is voted on by delegates at Cable Congress in early March 2014 "for Ziggo’s Interactive DIGITAL CABLE with no STB offer, based on a CI Plus 1.3 CAM."

The CI Plus 1.3 CAM allows the subscribers’ interactive watching experience without the need for a set-top box (STB), and Ziggo is the first operator in the world to distribute VOD and catch-up TV services to CI Plus 1.3 devices.

About SMIT:

SMIT is a global-leading operation platform provider for secure distribution of paid contents. In broadcasting industry, SMIT is a world famous provider for customized Conditional Access Module (CAM). Besides, SMIT is also an end-to-end platform provider for secure distribution of OTT paid contents in internet industry, offering operators and content providers flexible OTT-based solutions.

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