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Kabel BW introduces CI Plus module

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Kabel BW introduces CI Plus module

German cable operator Kabel BW has launched a CI Plus module in addition to its range of certified cable tuners.

The module can be rented from the cabler for €3.50 monthly with a minimum subscription period of 24 months.

This compares with the €2.00 monthly subscription fee for the basic HD cable tuner, which Kabel BW offers its customers. The HD receiver can also be bought for €129.90.

The cabler’s HD PVR costs €5.00 monthly on a rental basis and €249.90 when bought in retail.

Although TV SETS equipped with the CI Plus module will tune all the digital channels of the operator, including 40 HD channels, people will not have access to the VOD service.

The CI+ module will also give access to the extended MeinTV bouquets and the full range of Sky D channels

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