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Anga Cable 2007

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Anga Cable 2007

Anga Cable is the largest annual professional exhibition on satellite communications and CABLE RADIO & television in the world, which enjoys a high reputation in Europe. The first appearance of SMiT in the exhibition proved to be a great success提交With red and white as the keynote color, the exhibition layout of SMiT represents a perfect combination of oriental charm with the aesthetic feeling of high technology. Among all exhibitors from China, the EXHIBITION BOOTH of SMiT was not the largest, but it attracted the largest audience and the most intensive attention. The exhibition has greatly promoted the brand image and customer awareness of SMiT.

At the exhibition, SMiT launched the latest iDTV, PCI card, iDTV module and various CAM cards. The excellent dynamic and static demonstration and on-site commentaries made a best show for the functions and features of SMiT’s products, and attracted a great number of professional visitors and customers. We held talks with various customers including large distributors and operators over the entire European region.

The exhibition greatly expanded the PROMOTION and SALES channels of SMiT’s products and accelerated the step of SMiT into the European MARKET. On the exhibition site, we had reached preliminary intention for cooperation with several large distributors, and had fundamentally determined distributors in the European region as well as related cooperative details.

Our exhibition activities were directed by Mr. Sun Jianning, the COO of SMiT, and jointly planned and organized by related people from the CAM Products Department and DTV Products Department.

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