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SMIT Garners “Global CAM Market Leadership Award”from Frost & Sullivan

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SMIT Garners “Global CAM Market Leadership Award”from Frost & Sullivan

(Hong Kong, 22 September 2017) – SMIT Holdings Limited (“SMIT” or the “Company,” together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) (stock code: 2239), a global leading CAM supplier and a major mPOS supplier in China, has been awarded the “2017 Global CAM Market Leadership Award” by Frost & Sullivan, an internationally renowned growth consulting firm. Based on the research and analysis of the global CAM market and the studies and assessments on companies engaged in the industry, this accolade represents recognition of SMIT’s efforts and progress in the global CAM industry and a commendation for the Group’s contributions to promote the overall development of the industry.

CAM market continues trend towards standardisation alongside accelerating global digitalisation and the prevalence of digital TV in the market

The rapid growth of the Internet and the digitalisation tide sweeping the world has given rise to the fast development of a number of emerging industries. The increasing take-up of sophisticated and mature technologies such as cloud computing and Big Data have also spurred the rise of digital TV which quickly replaced traditional TV to become the mainstream product in the market. As digital TV features reduced signal loss during the transmission process, it displays images with higher quality and definition thus enhancing the viewing experience of audiences.

CAM is the hardware device of digital TV for the viewing of pay TV programmes adopting Conditional Access System encryption. Although the CAM market in Europe is saturated, it is nonetheless the largest market in the world with a constantly increasing supply of more advanced paid TV programme services and hence a rising demand for safe solution products such as CAMs there. In addition, countries such as India and Indonesia have become emerging CAM markets embracing the fast growth of pay TV.

SMIT builds global sales network to realise strong growth

SMIT has actively expanded its business presence around the world. With headquarters in Hong Kong and branch offices in Shenzhen, China and Munich, Germany, it has developed a global sales network with customers spanning 46 countries globally. SMIT has worked closely with all industry participants along the pay TV content delivery industry chain to design and develop CAMs that address the specific needs of different operators, so that it is able to provide CAM products according to customers’ specifications. SMIT’s CAM products not only can meet the requirements of customers in different markets, but also can help to eliminate issues such as system incompatibility. As a result, SMIT occupies a larger market share in the global CAM market, with annual sales exceeding the industry sales average.

SMIT has become a trusted brand based on its strong R&D technology and the outstanding security of its products

Apart from basic manufacturing, marketing and product sales capabilities, SMIT also possesses strong R&D technological capability, and focuses on constantly enhancing the security of its CAM products. SMIT boasts rich experience and expertise in the design and development of security chipsets and algorithms as well as software and hardware. It is also able to customise, design and manufacture products to cater for different customers’ needs. Its CAM products have incorporated its self-developed, high quality security chipset that safeguards the information security and proprietary interests of its business partners. The SM1670 CAM chipset developed by SMIT has attained a security standard grade, the highest level of its kind, from the world’s leading conditional access providers.

The Market Leadership Award organised by Frost & Sullivan aims to recognise companies with excellent performance and outstanding results in business leadership, technological innovation and product features and benefits. With its leading market position and strong technological capability, SMIT has differentiated itself in the global CAM market. After a rigorous assessment based on meeting four criteria, namely market position, growth potential, product characteristics and competitive advantages, Frost & Sullivan has presented the “2017 Global CAM Market Leadership Award” to SMIT Holdings Limited.

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