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SMIT Makes Bloomberg Businessweek/Chinese Edition’s “Listed Enterprises of the Year 2017”

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SMIT Makes Bloomberg Businessweek/Chinese Edition’s “Listed Enterprises of the Year 2017” and Wins “Best Innovations” Award

(Hong Kong, 30 Oct 2017) – SMIT Holdings Limited (“SMIT” or the “Company,” together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) (stock code: 2239), a global leading CAM supplier and a major mPOS supplier in China, has made it among “Listed Enterprises of the Year 2017” named by Bloomberg Businessweek/Chinese Edition plus won the “Best Innovations” award priding the highest score among all contenders.

Bloomberg Businessweek/Chinese Edition’s “Listed Enterprises of the Year 2017” has stringent selection criteria. This year, for the first time, it used the Bloomberg Terminal to conduct comprehensive analysis on the performance of listed companies. It started first with selecting companies which made profit for two consecutive financial years, then used the Bloomberg Terminal to assess their business performance, followed by scoring the companies on corporate governance, investor relations, sustainable development and innovation direction. After the Bloomberg scoreboard was completed, a professional judging panel was brought in to carry out the final evaluation based on reviews of the annual reports and listing documents issued by the companies in the preceding two years. The judging panel comprised members with diverse exposure from the academic, business and political sectors, and also the editorial board of the magazine. The companies’ scores came half from the Bloomberg Terminal analysis and half from the judging panel, and the total scores were verified by a professional auditing firm.

In the past year, the Group managed robust business performance, continuing to maintain leadership in the global CAM market, and allocated resources to develop new products as well as the European market and markets in other regions that boast stronger growth momentum. It also continued to promote the USB CAM project heeding the characteristics of the PRC market. Furthermore, the Group has developed new product models to support more diverse payment methods and other value-added features, while actively identifying opportunities to cooperate with third party payment operators, commercial banks and other types of potential mPOS customers. On developing new businesses, the Group has expanded its business scope to cover O2O smart terminal and Blockchain chipsets and servers, thereby enhanced its capability to develop security devices. Expanding its business into new products and service areas will enable it to bring greater returns to shareholders.

Making it among “Listed Enterprises of the Year 2017” and winning the “Best Innovations” not only speak volumes about SMIT’s ability to maintain strong business performance, but is also proof of the widespread recognition it enjoys from different sectors for its high level of corporate governance, good investor relations, continuously innovative strategies and active give back to society.

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