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SMIT Launches CI+ 1.3 VoD CAM into Netherlands Market

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SMIT Launches CI+ 1.3 VoD CAM into Netherlands Market

HONG KONG, Dec. 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Ziggo, the leading CABLE operator in the Netherlands, and SMIT, the leading operation platform provider for secure distribution of paid content, have teamed-up to accomplish the on-demand and catch-up TV services without separated digital receivers as is normally required, which has launched in the Netherlands market in November. Ziggo subscribers could enjoy interactive services with a new SMIT CI+ Module and a CI+ iDTV certified by Ziggo to watch MOVIES and television series, especially some missed TV programmes are available as you like at any time. "This development offers our customers great benefits," said Pieter Vervoort, VP consumer products and innovation at Ziggo.

With the SMIT CI+ 1.3 VoD CAM, Ziggo subscribers can experience more interactive services in an easier way. This NEW PRODUCT is fully compatible with CI+ 1.3 standards, and maintains backwards compatibility. While enhancing the security level through the CI+ 1.3 protocol, which defines several new interactive service features, SMIT CI+ 1.3 VoD CAM also has built-in MHEG-5 application providing smoother overlay display with less resource occupancy. Meanwhile, it is the first successful case to offer interactive TV over CI+ 1.3 common interface in the world.

A number of the CI+ 1.3 features can be used to enable CABLE VoD. The increase in LSC channel bandwidth enables CAMs to access VoD catalogues for browsing via the Internet. The added feature of HD graphics makes user interface more marvelous. The provision of "dynamic tuning" allows the CABLE head-end to inform the CAM which channel the TV should be tuned on, and view the selected VoD content. As per CI+ cable operators are offering the potential for new services and increased ARPU, which benefits to support a true VoD on Cable solution.

"SMIT CI+ 1.3 VoD CAM is tailored for operator’s cloud based interactive services, and it brings subscribers a better viewing experience. With the interactive CAM, Ziggo subscribers can joy interactive services directly on their TV-set without any other equipment, such as extra leads or remote control. It is a pleasure to work with Ziggo to offer this high-demanding and cutting-edge product," Mr. Hongyu Shuai, SMIT President said.

About Ziggo:

Ziggo is the largest cable operator in the Netherlands, providing cable television (digital and analog), BROADBAND INTERNET, and TELEPHONE SERVICE to both residential and commercial customers. The company serves around 2.9 million households, with over 1.8 million Internet subscribers, almost 2.3 million subscribers for DIGITAL TELEVISION and 1.5 million telephony subscribers.

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About SMIT:

SMIT is a global-leading operation platform provider for secure distribution of paid contents. In broadcasting industry, SMIT is a world famous provider for customized Conditional Access Module (CAM). Besides, SMIT is also an end-to-end platform provider for secure distribution of OTT paid contents in internet industry, offering operators and content providers flexible OTT-based solutions.

SMIT is founded in 2003 with its headquarter located in Hong Kong. It has branches in Shenzhen, Beijing, Munich, and Silicon Valley. Currently it has about 400 employees.

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