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SMIT successfully launched SMIT 2013 series CAM which is embedded with CI+ 1.3 new features

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SMIT successfully launched SMIT 2013 series CAM which is embedded with CI+ 1.3 new features

May 24, 2013 – SMIT Corporation (“SMIT”), a leading provider of security devices for digital content delivery, today announces that they have successfully launched all of the CI+ 1.3 new features into SMIT 2013 Series CAM.

CI+ 1.3 specification defines several fascinating new features including Operator service list management, PVR improvement, Improved PIN Code Management, Enhanced CI Plus copy protection, HD Graphics, Increased LSC Channel Bandwidth and Specific support for cable VOD. All SMIT 2013 Series CAM Series fully comply with CI+ 1.3 specification, and can allow pay-TV operators to offer abundant interactive services, such as VOD, PVR content control and the operator- customized channel list. This new series product can also enable other services such as customized OSD, host recording and playback etc.

"By implementing all of the CI+ 1.3 features, SMIT 2013 Series CAM introduce real two-way interactive experiences. We believe that this new series will bring subscribers more entertainment and convenience. We are very proud to be able to launch this pioneering series to the market.” Mr. Stephen He, SMIT Executive Vice President said.

SMIT 2013 Series CAM will be on show at the 2013 ANGA Cable show in Cologne at SMIT booth 10.2 J39. 

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SMIT provides devices that enable secure digital content delivery for the pay-TV industry, allowing authorized subscribers access to protected content. SMIT is a global leader in the design and development of conditional access modules (“CAM”s), which enable the delivery of premium content to digital TVs without the need for a set-top-box (“STB”). SMIT’s CAMs are custom designed to meet the strict security requirements of each conditional access (“CA”) provider and the varied user-interface and compliance requirements of each pay TV operator. As Over-the-Top TV (“OTT”)and internet video streaming, enriching the way content is delivered and consumed, SMIT also provides OTT solution and offers cloud platform to allow access to paid content by multiple screens in the household.

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