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SMiT launches CI Plus ECP-certified CAM product

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SMiT launches CI Plus ECP-certified CAM product

SHENZHEN, China, Sept. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, Hong Kong-based security devices provider for pay TV broadcasting access SMiT successfully passed CI Plus ECP's official certification, testing and registration processes for its Conditional Access Module (CAM) device. The device is the first of its kind to have done so.

Li Yanrong, vice president of SMiT, said, "The official CI Plus ECP certification awarded to SMiT's CAM product demonstrates that CI Plus ECP technology has taken a further step toward entering the market. The certification is also a highly meaningful step in terms of promoting the technology and helping to assure the smooth operation of our business worldwide."

SMiT has just released CI Plus ECP CAM to the market based on the specific customization requirements, meeting the security demands of broadcasters for high-value paid TV programs as well as requirements for interoperability tests of CI Plus ECP in cooperation with digital TV vendors, with the aim of providing operators and end users with a better product experience.

Digitalization drives the development of digital TV, while the CAM card is the underlying and key piece of hardware. The CAM card is the necessary physical component for watching paid TV content encrypted by Conditional Access Systems (CAS). The CAM card, SMiT's core product, can securely make paid content available to digital TV viewers without set-top boxes, not only meeting the strict security requirements of CAS suppliers, but also meeting demands from the providers of paid content for both ease of use and a rich user interface.

SMiT, the world's leading CAM supplier, has been focused on providing TV audiences with secure, high-quality solutions for viewing paid TV program. With SMiT's rapid response to fulfilling this need and its flexible capabilities in developing customized solutions, the security devices provider has taken the lead in launching products that meet the needs of customers. In addition, SMiT designs and develops customized CAM products for operators by working closely with all industry players across the pay TV content delivery industry chain. SMIT has become the largest CAM supplier in the industry in terms of market coverage, serving over 400 customers across 46 countries and regions worldwide.

With the development of video technology and the increasing value of premium TV programs, the content industry has put in place higher security requirements for the transmission and terminal access of high-value content. "As the world's leading CAM provider, SMiT has been committed to providing customers with secure and high-quality solutions to access paid TV content while keeping up with the latest industry standards," Mr. Li, the SMiT vice-president, added.

SMiT has been a pioneer in launching CI Plus products, including those with on-demand support in response to market demand. In November 2017, CI Plus LLP released the CI Plus Enhanced Content Protection (ECP) Specification, providing enhanced content security and protection for paid TV programs.

SMiT has also become the first in the industry to roll out the CI Plus ECP-certified CAM product based on its proprietary and advanced SoC platform. The launch has expanded the company's CAM portfolio and allowed users to access premium programs via the small and easy-to-use CAM product. Looking forward, SMiT plans to continue working closely with CAS suppliers, operators and integrated digital television (iDTV) vendors in the industry, in a move to promote the development of CI plus products and related technology.

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