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SMIT introduces innovative DVB-C/DTT solution for Android TV/Box at Anga Com 2015

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SMIT introduces innovative DVB-C/DTT solution for Android TV/Box at Anga Com 2015

COLOGNE, Germany, June 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- SMIT, the global leader in the design and development of Conditional Access Module (CAM), will attend Anga Com 2015 which takes place in Cologne, Germany from 9th to11th June.

SMIT iCast Dongle, the new generation of SMiT secure device, allows TV subscribers to watch high quality Cable/DTT live programming on an Android TV or Box through customized pre-installed iCast application, which requires nearly no extra work for manufacturers to integrate within. iCast Dongle supports mainstream Pay-TV CAS and TDES/AES algorithm for content protection over USB. Through the Internet, iCast application can access OTT content servers to achieve DVB programs-related OTT video. Thus, for DVB operators, overall costs are cut and subscribers boost is optimized; for manufacturers, extension to new features of Android TVs or Boxes is simplified, leading to increased revenue.

The minimal size of 73.5x23.5x14mm and extremely low power consumption imply the exquisite and compact design of iCast Dongle. Moreover, users can manage iCast Dongle, a brand new device, with their Android TV or Box's remote, which means no more learning needed. Besides, iCast application can access unlimited OTT content, making TV content more exciting and wonderful.

About SMIT

SMIT provides devices that enable secure digital content delivery for the pay TV industry, allowing authorized subscribers access to protected content on any device, any place, anytime. We are a global leader in the design and development of conditional access modules (CAMs), which enables the delivery of premium content to digital TVs without the need for a set-top-box (STB). Our CAMs are custom designed to meet the strict security requirements of each conditional access (CA) provider and the varied user-interface and compliance requirements of each pay TV operator.

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