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SMIT Created CI+ TF CAM together with Novel SuperTV

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SMIT Created CI+ TF CAM together with Novel SuperTV

It was confirmed that Novel Super TV and SMIT have launched CI+ TF CAM jointly. CI Plus standard is based on CI standard, strengthen the protection of interface content, and better able to support interactive services, is recognized by the Hollywood studios as the standard of HD content protection. The issue of CI+ TF CAM is significant for the entire CAM industry.

Novel-SuperTV DIGITAL TV Technology Co., Ltd is one of the leading DIGITAL TV technology solution providers in China. Novel-SuperTV offers customized solutions for cable, satellite, terrestrial, IPTV, and handset TV networks. In October 2007, Novel-SuperTV (stock symbol: STV) successfully completed an IPO on the New York STOCK EXCHANGE, raising more than $200 million and becoming the first company in the China digital TV industry to be listed on this premier exchange.

SMIT is a leading provider of SECURITY PRODUCTS that enable secure distribution of digital entertainment content. SMIT provides various SECURITY PRODUCTS for the pay-TV industry through its R&D in chip design, software development, and system integration, and partners with a growing list of tier-1 players to build a SECURE SERVICE platform while maintaining technical and cost leadership. SMIT first developed DTV Conditional Access Modules (CAM) in China and has obtained about 20 CAS Certifications.

Through this cooperation, the two companies leveraged their respective skills and resources complement, worked together to build the CI + CAM with more secure, more stable performance.

The Deputy General Manager of Novel Super TV Mr Shen expressed, "SMIT is our long-term terminal partner, our partnership has been maintained very well during the past cooperation, and also will be better in the future, We have played our advantages in resources of CA, coupled with SMIT CAM technical support and world brand influence, I believe we will create a stronger CI + CAM market impact."

The Vice President of SMIT Mr He said, “With Novel Super TV’s powerful resources of CA to support the industry technology and our own technology and production advantage, we built better CI + CAM with safer and more stable performance. It actually enriches SMIT existing CAM product range, and brings us new MARKET opportunities through working with Novel Super TV. In addition, SMIT has developed CI + VOD CAM, and CI+ PVR CAM successfully with two-way interactive applications, we will do best to meet the individual needs of operators for increasing their ARPU value. "

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