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S2C Extends FPGA-based Prototyping Family with New Virtex UltraScale Prodigy Logic System

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S2C Extends FPGA-based Prototyping Family with New Virtex UltraScale Prodigy Logic System

Modular and All-in-One Design provides the maximum flexibility, durability and portability

San Jose, CA – Jan 15, 2019 - S2C USA Inc., a world leader in FPGA-based prototyping solutions for today’s innovative designs, has announced the availability of its new prototyping family - Virtex UltraScale 440 Prodigy Logic System (VU440LS). The VU440LS comes enclosed in a unique low-profile modular chassis that fits all components—FPGA module, power control module, and power supply—into a single unit for maximum flexibility, durability, and portability.


Modular and All-in-One design offering the highest flexibility and performance

Abundant prototyping tools (partition and debugging) support to speed up the prototype bring-up time

Easy reconfiguring or stacking to expand capability for several projects

Comprehensive portfolio of Prototype Ready Accessories for quickly build the prototype targets

The VU440LS is optimized and trimmed to guarantee the best signal integrity and to achieve the best performance, with the high speed I/O connectors to support up to 1.4Gbps single-ended over the standard FPGA I/O and up to 12.5Gbps over the high-speed transceivers. Most of the available I/Os of the FPGA are connected to the VU440LS which gives the user maximum freedom regarding the FPGA interconnection requirements. The I/O compatibility with previous generations enables the support of the vast library of S2C daughter cards to quickly build prototyping targets.

VU440LS is part of S2C Prodigy Complete Prototyping Solutions and works seamlessly with Prodigy Player Pro™ and Prodigy Multi-Debug Module that allows for partitioning, auto pin-multiplexing insertion and multi-FPGA deep trace debugging, to accelerate the design verification and software development. The system also provides remote management capabilities through USB or Ethernet, such as FPGA configuration, power on/off, changing a setting or indicating a condition through Virtual SWs and LEDs, as well as identify the presence of specific daughter cards and test it remotely with the auto-detection technology.

“Loongson is committed to the design, production, sales and services of the Loongson CPU series.” said Mr.Fan Baoxia, the General Manager of Loongson. “S2C delivers a high-performance FPGA prototyping solution and high-quality support enabling our teams to accelerate the system verification and software development, which help our products get to the market faster.”

“The introduction of VU440LS marks our strong commitment to match designers with the best prototyping solutions to accelerate their software development and design verification.” commented Toshio Nakama, CEO of S2C. “Now as a part of SMIT, S2C will increase R&D investment to expedite new product launches and better optimize the technical support system to provide a superior customer experience.”

Availability & Resources

The VU440LS now is open for ordering, available versions are Single, Dual and Quad. For more information, please contact local sales or

About S2C

S2C, a subsidiary of SMIT Holding Limited (HK stock code: 02239), is a worldwide leader of FPGA prototyping solutions for today’s innovative designs. S2C has been successfully delivering rapid SoC prototyping solutions since 2003. S2C provides:

Rapid FPGA-based prototyping hardware and automation software

Prototype Ready™ IP, interfaces and platforms

System-level design verification and acceleration tools

With over 400 customers and more than 2,000 systems installed, S2C's focus is on SoC/ASIC development to reduce the SoC design cycle. Our highly qualified engineering team and customer-centric sales force understand our users’ SoC development needs. S2C systems have been deployed by leaders in consumer electronics, communications, computing, image processing, data storage, research, defense, education, automotive, medical, design services, and silicon IP. S2C has offices and distributors in US, UK, Israel, China, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan. For more information, visit

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