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China Micro Technology is ready to send USBCAM to help 4K smart age

release time:09-09-2019   article Source:Guowei Holdings

The 26th China International Radio and Television Information Network Exhibition (CCBN2018) with the theme of “New Wisdom, New Ecology and New Audiovisual” was held on March 22-24, 2018 at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing.

As a global provider of pay TV broadcast receiving equipment, National Micro Technology has been providing security equipment to the pay TV industry worldwide for many years. As an old exhibitor of CCBN, at this exhibition, Guowei Technology successfully demonstrated a new product independently developed based on the smart TV platform--USBCAM, which is a product that can perfectly realize the broadcast live broadcast + two-way interactive solution. Operators seize a tool for smart TV terminals.

USBCAM supports 4K ultra-clear picture quality, which can be hidden in the small shape behind the TV, simple and convenient operation mode, and successfully attracted many participants to visit. At the scene, a number of radio and television operators led the USBCAM to realize the two-way operator's high interest through the smart TV platform, indicating that the cooperation plan will be further discussed. Prior to this, Guowei Technology and the broadcasting and television operators have started close cooperation.

In October 2017, Guowei Technology cooperated with Beijing Gehua Cable Network Co., Ltd. (Gehua Cable) to successfully apply USBCAM to Gehua Cable's Beijing-based hotel. Because USBCAM is small and beautiful, it can be hidden on the back of the TV, and it eliminates complicated connecting lines, which is a perfect addition to the aesthetics of the hotel decoration. USBCAM is easy to use, and the good experience for users is highly recognized by Gehua Cable.

At the beginning of 2018, Guowei Technology cooperated with TCL and Hisense TV manufacturers to successfully promote USBCAM-compatible all-in-one TV to Inner Mongolia Cable and promote USBCAM in all business halls of Inner Mongolia Cable.

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