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SMiT (National Micro Technology) Launches CI Plus ECP CAM Products

release time:09-09-2019   article Source:Guowei Holdings

Recently, the company's SMiT CAM products successfully completed the CI Plus ECP official certification test and registration, and became the first product to pass the certification test and registration.

Li Yanrong, vice president of SMiT, said: "SMiT CAM products have passed the official certification of CI Plus ECP, which marks the further advancement of CI Plus ECP technology on the market, which will facilitate the promotion and business development of CI Plus ECP technology worldwide. ""

Currently, SMiT introduces CI Plus ECP CAM products to the market according to specific customized requirements, to meet operators' security protection requirements for high-value broadcast TV pay programs, and to conduct interoperability testing of CI Plus ECP products together with digital TV host manufacturers. Provide a better product experience for operators and end users.

The wave of digitalization is driving the development of digital television, which is a hardware device equipped with digital television for watching pay-TV content that has been encrypted using a conditional access system. SMiT's core product CAM card enables secure transmission of paid content to digital TV users without the need for a set-top box. It not only meets the stringent security requirements of conditional access system providers, but also meets the needs of pay TV operators for simple operation and rich user interfaces. demand.

As the world's leading CAM supplier, SMiT is committed to providing customers with secure, high-quality pay-TV viewing solutions. With fast response times and flexible custom solution development capabilities, SMiT is able to lead the industry in products that meet customer needs. At the same time, SMiT designs and develops the corresponding CAM products for different operators by working closely with all industry players in the pay-TV content delivery industry chain. For example: SMiT and Irdeto, a well-known conditional access system provider, provide conditional access devices based on the Irdeto cardless solution for German T2 network operator Media Broadcast, and Samsung's first CI Plus CAM card in India. At present, SMiT serves more than 400 customers in 46 countries and regions around the world, and its market coverage is the first in the industry.

With the development of video technology and the continuous improvement of the value of high-quality programs, the content industry has placed higher demands on the security of high-value programs in terms of transmission and terminal reception. Li Yanrong said: "SMIT, as the world's leading CAM supplier, has been committed to providing customers with safe and high-quality pay TV program viewing solutions, and always keep pace with the development of industry standards."

In response to market demand, SMiT is the first to introduce CI Plus products and support on-demand CI Plus products. In November 2017, CI Plus LLP released the CI Plus ECP specification to provide enhanced content security for high-value broadcast pay-per-view programs.

This time, SMiT took the lead in launching the CI Plus ECP CAM product based on the advanced SoC platform designed by the company, which greatly enriched the company's CAM product line, allowing users to choose small and easy-to-use CAM products to watch high-value programs. At the same time, SMiT will continue to work closely with CAS suppliers, operators and IDTV vendors in the industry to promote the development of CI Plus products and technologies.

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