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National Micro Technology mPOS-SM32 successfully passed PCI 5.x certification

release time:09-09-2019   article Source:Guowei Holdings

Recently, the latest mobile payment terminal mPOS-SM32 developed by Guowei Technology has passed PCI 5.x certification.

Shenzhen, December 7th, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, the latest mobile payment terminal mPOS-SM32 developed by China Micro Technology has passed PCI 5.x certification. PCI certification is the most stringent and highest-level security standard certification in the global payment card industry. 5.x is the latest version, and the evaluation content is more comprehensive and strict. The certification is a major progress made in the process of entering the international market for the national micro-technology terminal products.

Zhu Yixiang, vice president of China Microtechnology and president of mPOS business unit, said: "The PCI certification is our long-term commitment to customers. Guowei Technology will continue to invest in research and development, continuously improve equipment safety level and service level, and achieve win-win and win-win with customers. The goal."

With the development of mobile Internet and mobile payment, offline commercial and online business have gradually merged, and consumer scenes have been reconstructed, which has placed higher demands on payment terminals. When selecting a mobile payment terminal, functionality and security are two factors that users generally value.

mPOS-SM32 is a convenient mobile payment terminal based on mobile devices such as smart phones. It has the characteristics of convenient payment, light weight and stylish appearance. It is connected to other devices via Bluetooth or USB, supports magnetic stripe card, contact IC card, 13.56 MHz contactless card reading, built-in rechargeable lithium battery, energy saving mode and automatic shutdown function, long standby time, merchants can Collecting money anytime, anywhere, to meet the collection requirements of small and medium-sized merchants for non-contact, credit card and card payment methods.

In the process of promoting mobile payment services, Guowei Technology always adheres to the basic principle of safety first, and strives to provide users with safe payment products and use environment. The mPOS-SM32 features a separate secure MCU and supports multiple encryption algorithms. It has a unique high-level protection mechanism with anti-intrusion detection and teardown self-destruction. Prior to PCI 5.x certification, mPOS-SM32 was certified to EMV, PBOC and QPBOC.

China Micro Technology mobile payment terminal mPOS-SM32

National Micro Technology is the world's leading provider of CAM and China's leading supplier of mPOS equipment. Headquartered in Hong Kong, China, with offices in Shenzhen, China and Munich, Germany, it currently has 400 in 46 countries and regions around the world. Home customer.

For customers with personalized product functional requirements, Guowei Technology can provide a customized package of services including solution design, product development, hardware production and resource introduction. Mobile payment brings new sales opportunities to global merchants, and China Micro Technology will continue to bring convenient and secure payment devices to users around the world. After PCI 5.x certification, mPOS-SM32 will launch global sales.

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