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Guowei Technology successfully applied for national major science and technology projects

release time:09-09-2019   article Source:Guowei Holdings

HONG KONG, December 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The world's leading CAM supplier and China's leading mPOS equipment supplier, China Micro Technology Holdings Co., Ltd. ("Guowei Technology" or "Company") Recently, the company successfully applied for the national major science and technology project with the "Development and Application of EDA System in the Whole Process of Chip Design", and will receive 200 million yuan from the central government and 100 million yuan from the supporting funds of the Shenzhen Municipal Government, totaling about 400 million yuan. Yuan Renminbi. As of the date of this announcement, the company has received the first batch of central government funding of approximately RMB 75 million.

Guowei Technology has been committed to the development of industry-related technologies in the field of integrated circuits based on integrated circuits. This project has been approved by the central government for funding, fully demonstrating the company's technical strength and making the company a major unit in the research of EDA. The company will focus on layout and routing tools, focusing on tools such as place and route, timing analysis, physical verification and power analysis, and focus on developing hardware simulation accelerators, gate-level simulation, logic synthesis and formal verification tools to form digital circuit chips. Design a full-process EDA tool platform; it will also develop other special tools for high-performance, low-power requirements of domestic high-end chips (server CPU, FPGA, etc.).

Mr. Shuai Hongyu, President of China Micro Technology Holdings Co., Ltd. said: “EDA technology is the basis for chip automation design. It is in the upstream of the IC design industry and has an important position in the entire IC industry chain. Through the development of EDA technology, it will be further diversified. The company's product line enhances the company's position in the field of integrated circuits, and also lays a solid foundation for the company to enter the high threshold industry and sustainable development in the future. With the localization and large-scale application of EDA technology, the future of the company will be Performance has a positive impact. We are committed to being a global leader in this field."

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